The key to happiness is self-actualisation or the realisation of your personal potential.

Discovering Your True Passion And Direction In Life

Unfortunately, life often gets in the way causing you to get stuck moving in circles instead of progressing towards your goals and purpose.

In order for you to self-actualise you must find something you are passionate about, and use this to give your life purpose. Once you have found a purpose you are passionate about, you must progress towards this goal. Only then can you find happiness through tangible progress towards your goals.

This is why we at Mindful Moves live by the law of “Passion, Purpose and Progress” as we aim to empower you to make progress on your goals. Helping you to self-actualise and be as happy as possible.

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Achieve Your Full Potential Through Coaching And Self-Exploration.

Ultimately the aim of Mindful Moves is to help you to realise your full potential and make your ideal life a reality. We do this through a combination of coaching, evaluation, confidence building, and self-exploration. The process begins by helping you to define your ideal reality, we will then support you in achieving your own personal actualisation, as we aim to ensure that you are satisfied.

Our professionals are trained to work with all challenges, backgrounds, and ages to ensure that they are able to assist you. We are committed to helping you no matter what you are struggling with in any number of spheres of your personal and professional life. This is important as the mind and body are inextricably linked and supporting the one without the other is ineffective at best. That is why we assist with the following aspects:

  • Goal support
  • Family relationships
  • Nutrition
  • Personal Development
  • Learning Challenges
  • Child Development


We offer a number of session options:

Brain Profiling:

The vital first step session allowing us to understand how your brain and body are organised. So that we can assess your personal challenges and help you push past them to achieve your goals.

Individual Sessions:

A private one-on-one session allowing us to provide personalised assistance to help you.

Movement Sessions:

These are group-based sessions, aimed at children, where movements to promote learning are introduced through play.

Reach your full potential in the way you are most comfortable with.

These are intended to help you or your children achieve a brighter future. We also train individuals interested in a career as a Movement Facilitator or an Educational Kinesiologist. These courses include the following:

  • Movement facilitator course
  • Study Workshop: Brain Worx Programme
  • Grade R Overview
  • And more

Discover The Power Of Our Short Courses And Enrichment Courses

About Us

We strive to build relationships with our clients to understand their unique circumstances and help them achieve their purpose.

We do this by recognising the interconnectedness of the mind and body, without relying on existing limiting mindsets like labels. We utilise a combination of approaches to holistically evaluate the personal challenges you face and help you to enact meaningful change to overcome them. Allowing you to enact change in your life to help you become the best version of yourself.

We are an ambitious company founded by Kerry-Ann Gordon.

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What My Clients Are Saying

"Kerry truly loves helping people reach their full potential, both within the parameters of their personalities and beyond them."
“The profiling session with Kerry was truly life-changing in that it helped me gain a better understanding of who I am which will benefit me to a great extent, both in my personal life as well as my professional life.”
"Kerry helped my daughters with profiling. I got to understand how my daughters think and how to create an environment conducive for them to study. After that I consulted her regarding establishing balance in a certain area I have been struggling with. She helped me understand what had happened to me and showed me how to react when I am triggered. My relationships were restored and the anxiety I used to experience was gone. I would recommend Kerry’s services to anyone who seeks to improve their lives."
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kerry for what she did for Daniela. We were having a few problems and Kerry managed to pick up areas we were battling with and helped us to understand how Daniela’s little brain works and how differently every child perceives knowledge. She also incorporated the Love of the Lord into the sessions which really helped Daniela to understand and know more about our Loving Father. Kerry, your works go along way and we just wanted to thank you for having the passion and love you do for our future generation. God bless you. I would highly recommend other families that may be struggling to book sessions with Kerry. She is amazing."
“This process has helped me understand how I deal with stressful situations on one hand and how I can use aspects of my personality to reach my full potential.”
"I took my son Liam to Kerry after failed attempts at getting him proper treatment and understanding of what he needs. We had a very enlightening experience with Kerry who was friendly and excellent with Liam. Kerry was also the first person to directly engage with Liam. After seeing Kerry our lives have changed incredibly with clear understanding now of how Liam’s mind works. The holistic and movement therapy have made astounding changes, the progress and positive outcomes have been life changing. We couldn’t be more grateful as parents."
"The Profiling sessions was a great way to better understand how my child thinks and how she processes and learns and how to help her make the appropriate changes in her surroundings, routines and study methods o help her achieve her best. Great in-depth report and Kerry spends a lot of time speaking directly to the child to try and get into their world and inside their head space to understand their unique perspectives and challenges."
“Just want to say a big Thank you to Kerry for all her help to assist Kirsten with subject choices next year and helping Kirsten discovering herself. It’s so difficult being a teenager and Covid was no help to our kids. Thank you Mindful Moves your programs are amazing and life changing!”
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