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These courses are intended for those interested in becoming an Educational Kinesiologist, Educational kinesiology is an approach to education that focuses on a person’s unique way of learning and developing themselves through natural movement. It involves the formation of goals and discovering the internal blocks that prevent people from achieving their goals. Once these are identified these blocks are diffused through specialised techniques and exercises, helping the individual achieve their goals.

This qualification process is also fluid so it can be stopped at any point. However to complete the qualification all steps must be completed in order. Therefore if you wish to explore the fascinating world of Educational Kinesiology or start a career in the field, these are the courses for you.

Step 1: NIM (Neuro-Integration Movements)

Duration: 2 days

Price: R2400p/p

CPTD Points: 15

Trainer: Kerry-Ann Gordon

The first step in becoming an Educational Kinesiologist, this course examines the fundamental concepts of the field. These are summarised in the module objectives which are as follows:

  • Movement regarding brain activation and development
  • How movement contributes to overall personal well-being

This course is open to anyone and doesn’t require any prior training. It will equip you with a foundation in the field which you will be able to effectively build on to start your career. Alternatively, it can provide insight into how movement can be utilised to help you reach your full potential.

Step 2: BG101

Duration: 4 Day

Price: R4800p/p

CPTD Points: 15

Trainer: Kerry-Ann Gordon

The second step to becoming an Educational Kinesiologist will show you how to facilitate different sessions. It will also teach you how to remove learning barriers from the different functional areas of the brain. The objectives of this module are as follows:

  • Session facilitation
  • Reaching personal, academic and emotional goals
  • Integrating movements into health, well-being, and overall creativity

This course can only be done if you have completed the first stage of the course. This module expands your knowledge and understanding of Educational KInesiology and how it can be used for a career and in your everyday life.

Book now to learn the fundamentals of Educational Kinesiology!

Step 3: Optimal Brain Organisation

Duration: 3 Days

Price: R3600p/p

CPTD Points: 15

Trainer: Kerry-Ann Gordon

This course forms the third step in becoming an Educational Kinesiologist. It deals with brain organisation which has a wide range of influences on our everyday lives. The objectives of this module are as follows:

  • How the brain organises itself for tasks and different learning objectives
  • How to assist individuals with their unique challenges or potential barriers
  • Taking up information, processing it and applying it
  • Classifying unique brain organisations

This course is perfect for you if you work with or are involved with children. This can include parents, teachers, tutors and au pairs. Additionally, it provides you with interesting information regarding brain organisation on its own should the subject interest you.

Book now to learn how the brain organises itself and how to help all individuals!

Step 4: In-Depth

Duration: 5 Days

Price: R6000p/p

Trainer: Sonia Hawkins

This course takes a deeper look at how the mind-body system works through an in-depth study of the original seven functional areas. This module’s objectives are as follows:

  • In-depth study of the seven functional areas
  • Exploring the next four functional areas
  • Adding valuable additional skills to your practitioner toolkit

As the mind-body system is the foundation of Educational Kinesiology this is an important module for aspiring professionals in the field. It can also help you in your personal development as it examines what you as an individual can do to challenge barriers in your life. This provides you with the necessary tools to help you self-actualise and help others to do the same.

Book now to gain deeper insight into how the mind-body system functions!

Step 5: Enrichment Courses

The fifth step in the Educational Kinesiology journey requires you to complete an applicable 3-day course or a combination of 3 days. These can be selected from the wide range of enrichment courses. We will look at these courses in more detail further below.

Step 6: Practitioner Module 1

Duration: 3 Days

Price: R3600p/p

Trainer: Sonia Hawkins

The sixth step on this journey consolidates many of the concepts you encountered in the previous modules. It will also look at working with people on a deeper level and how you might set up your own sessions and business as an Educational Kinesiologist. The objectives of this module are as follows:

  • Developing consulting strategies and interview skills
  • Building rapport
  • Reframing questions and understanding individuals
  • Facility and equipment management
  • Planning, time management, and marketing strategies

This course is important for anyone wanting to start a career in this field. As it covers a fundamental aspect of the industry, namely working with people and session and business tactics. This course builds on the previous modules which means they are required for it. This course can help you to make a successful career in Educational Kinesiology.

Book now to improve your people skills for professional applications!

Step 7: Practitioner Module 2

Duration: 1 Days

Price: R1200p/p

Trainer: Sonia Hawkins

Step 7 on this journey is the practical component of Practitioner Module 1. This module allows you to demonstrate the skills learned in the previous module on a practical level. You will be offered support that will help to streamline your strategies as well feedback in the form of objective guidance The objectives of this module are as follows: 

  • Ensuring that you are ready to set up shop
  • Provide practical feedback and guidance
  • Hone existing skills for practice

This course requires the completion of all previous courses. It provides you with an opportunity to test the knowledge and skills you have learned throughout this journey in a practical way. While also providing feedback and support to assist you, ensuring you have all the necessary abilities to begin your career.

Book now to practically test your knowledge and skills in a supportive environment!

Step 8: Teachers Practicum: Module 1 & 2

Duration: 4 Days

Price: R4800p/p

Trainer: Sonia Hawkins

The final stage on the journey to becoming an Educational Kinesiologist is an in-depth feedback and guidance course. It covers setting up all that you need to be a competent Educational Kinesiologist Practitioner. A demonstrative day provides you with feedback on the training of concepts and ensures that you are ready to train others in your new practice. This module’s objectives are as follows:

  • In-depth business practices
  • Guided training and feedback on fundamentals
  • Administrative due diligence
  • Building on the knowledge imparted in Module 7

This course ensures you are ready to confidently train others in the fundamental subjects of the field, NIM and BG101. To make sure that you are able to effectively introduce this wonderful, stress-free way of working with people to your clients. This is vital to the success of your practice which is why it is the final step to becoming a qualified Educational Kinesiology Practitioner.

Book now to become a qualified Educational Kinesiology Practitioner and fulfil your goal!

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