What Is Balance

We can often struggle to reach our goals or utilise our full potential. This is often due to challenges or circumstances in life, but it can also be due to internal factors. These can include personal issues, vague goals, or an imbalance that can hamper your ability to reach your goals. An imbalance occurs when a bias, habit or reflex in the brain or body is not conducive towards your goal. If you feel stuck in life, fighting against your own mind and its habits, one of our balance sessions may be the answer to your problems.

Balance Sessions

In our balance sessions, we use movement to help your body and mind reconnect and work together in balance towards your goals. You will be guided through this process by an Educational Kinesiologist who will help you draw out your full potential and work towards your goal in balance. 

5 Balance Steps


Are You Ready To Learn?

The first step for any change is willingness and preparedness to learn. You need to be ready to learn new things in order to improve or change your life. This can be done by finding the best rhythm and timing that will support your learning process. The need for this preparedness cannot be overstated, as no one can change their life if they are not willing to or prepared to. That is why you should approach a balance session with an open mind and a willingness to learn.


Your Goal

At this stage our educational kinesiologist will talk with you in order to identify your challenges and problems, and decide on your goal. At this stage, it is important to understand that problems or challenges can be goals that you have not fully defined yet. This is because by knowing what you don’t want in life, we are better able to define what you do want. Our facilitator will work with you to reframe your problem into a goal that you can purposefully move towards. For example, if your problem is that you are living paycheck to paycheck. This can be reframed into a goal to become more financially stable. Allowing you to devise actionable steps to reach this goal.


Current Response

Once we have determined what your goal is we will take a look at how your mind, body, and feelings respond to that goal. This is done through movement. While holding the goal in your mind our kinesiologist will take you through some movements. This allows them to monitor how your body is holding and moving to support the goal. The kinesiologist will then use their expertise to identify what is holding you back or what areas are not in balance



Once the issues have been identified the kinesiologist will guide you through some movement activities. These are done to activate your brain circuitry and rewire your thinking about the goal. This works on your subconscious mind shifting to better balance your mind and body and ensure they support your goal.


New Response

After the movement exercises the kinesiologist will again assess your body’s movements while you hold the goal in mind. This is to see how it has changed since before the exercises. The objective is to reach a point where you can hold the goal in mind and move with ease. Once this balance is achieved you will be able to progress towards achieving your goal.

Our balance sessions all roughly follow these five steps however each person is unique with their own goals, challenges, and problems. This means that no two balance sessions are the same as we cater to your unique needs. These sessions help to integrate your system allowing everything to work towards overcoming obstacles and achieving your goals. These sessions can help with any problem in life including relationships, career, and personal. Additionally, they can be done in groups for those that share the same goal for example with a family or couple.

Two heads next two each other one with a bird and a heart in it and the other with a brain and a scroll.


A proud member of Occupational Kinesiology Association.

How Many Sessions Do I Need?

While many clients notice a change after their first session this is not always the case. This is why we advise new clients to book a package of 6 sessions. This allows us to work through multiple core beliefs you may have that are holding you back. This will help you realise the changes you want to see in your life and help you reach your full potential. Additionally, these changes are for life, meaning there are no follow-up sessions to keep the changes you have already made.

If you are tired of aimlessly wandering through life or feeling like your own body is holding you back. Then contact us today to book your balance session so you can align your entire system to work towards your goal. After all, losing is a pattern but winning is addictive.

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