What is Profiling?

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

Albert Einstein

Profiling offers you the manual that you didn’t come with?

Profiling Sessions allows for us to put together feedback that in many ways is the “manual you didn’t come with”. It offers so much information on who you are and why you react or behave a certain way. It further highlights strengths and areas we need support in.

This process does not aim to “name and shame” but rather to bring to light what is! With no judgement, we can accept who we are and then decide where we want to go to from here.

Many clients have over and over, referred to this experience as life changing as it allows us to understand ourselves as a unique miracle.

What do we find out about ourselves in a profiling session?

Profiling is a process whereby Mindful Moves uses different tools to find out as much as we possibly can about you and your dreams and goals. This process is unique to Mindful Moves due to the fact that it asks ,”Who are you and how can we support you?” During a profiling session we will look at the following:

  • Your Personality
  • How you think when under stress and the ways in which you are limited
  • Your learning preference / how you process information
  • What parts of the brain you are operating from and what that means
  • Behaviours presenting and what they mean
  • Whether the person is operating at their best, or battling with anxiety and depression
  • How you give and receive love…and more

What are Profile sessions used for?

Profiling sessions have been used for the following reasons:

  • To assist learners in choosing subjects for Grade 10
  • Assist learners in the classroom so that teachers and parents know how to intervene
  • For career and studies
  • When working with couples
  • For teachers to understand how they may respond to learners and why
  • For your staff, for better working relationships
  • As a starting point for people wanting to work on their goals

Profiles for subject choice?

More parents are choosing to do a profiling session over an aptitude test as by the time children are in grade 9, there marks have shown which learning areas they excel in. Having said this, life post schooling is not clearly divided into the learning areas and careers involve so much more then what is being taught within the constraints of each subject.

Profiling sessions look at your child’s personality, how they operate and allows them to consider where they might like to be in their future while considering things they would not like in their career.

This process doesn’t come a moment too soon for teenagers who are asking, “who am I, and where do I fit in?” The feedback provided has often been referred to as life changing, especially for youngsters feeling misunderstood and alone. Over and above looking forward to where they might find their calling, it allows them to see themselves as individuals. This knowledge means that they do not need to go “down the rabbit hole” in order to discover who they are not!

Profiling for learners in the classroom

The beauty of not working with labels means that each child is seen as a separate package. Asking why is it that “this” child is battling, allows us to look at their unique approach to life, their personality and learning style.

Profiling sessions have also been used to assist learners in the classroom. Here we do not label children, but rather gather information about how it is that they learn and how teachers and parents can intervene to best support their unique learning preferences, so that children can reach their full potential.

Many profiles have offered the understanding as to why children react and behave the way in which they do and what these behaviours might mean?

Home-schooling teachers, tutors and Au pairs

This process has been very helpful in assisting home-schooling teachers, tutors and Au pairs in developing very specific programs and strategies to assist learners.

Many children who are attending alternative schools are doing so, as mainstream schooling did not cater for their unique learning needs. Profiling helps in streamlining schooling so that gaps can be bridged and learners can reach their full potential!

Careers and Studies

Profiles have been used to help learners choose a career path. Mindful Moves has had much success with regards to our post matriculates who also have not achieved the marks they need to study what they’d like. Through our affiliate Cambrilearn, our clients have the opportunity to redo subjects, and reassess what they truly want.

The feedback allows them to consider what they have to offer in this world. When we are aligned with our purpose we are satisfied in life!

Two people having a discussion about work.

Profiling with couples

Profiling sessions are very useful for couples and answer many people’s request for relationship counselling. The high divorce rates world wide prove that we need relationship coaching, yet there is not much out there and we are left to figure these out. Failure results in unfulfilled people who are left heart broken.

Profiling allows us to map out how each person operates when thriving and under stress. We further understand how people reach out and give their own love. This is very helpful in trying to understand why your partner does certain things while making each aware of the things we might do that bother the other.

Its sad to acknowledge that the break-down in relationships often are due to simple misunderstandings. We at Mindful Moves do our best in helping couples know their partner so that they can support each other, while still recognising the miracle of who they are as an individual in this world.

Profiling with your staff

Finding out how your staff operates and manages stress is a great tool to have. This information is the Olive branch that allows for understanding and compassion over silly office frustrations.

Knowing how your team operates further allows you to consider who might be best in a position, and how members of your team might support the goal of your company.

Being able to notice when staff members are under stress also means being able to intervene. This process is very helpful in an office space where many personalities are working closely together. A happy team is a productive team!

Profiling for teachers

Teaching post pandemic is now more than ever a stressful career. It is a career that people are called to as it asks so much of oneself with very little return in salary or praise. What it does offer is the reward of knowing that you made a difference and now more than ever, your learners need you to rise to the occasion.

The problem with teaching when stressed, is that many are teaching from their own limited profile. The information received in our session highlights the way in which teachers get stuck in a rut and teach according to their own preferences. Been made aware of this, allows teachers to choose a different response in order to have better success in the classroom

Courses for teachers

Because this information is so helpful, we offer teachers a course, ” 2 Left Feet” where we teach a simple way to profile the children in the classroom so that you as the teacher can adjust your intervention for the success.

We teach you about the different ways in which children process information and how to assess what blocks each child will have when stressed.

Knowing this means knowing when a child is overwhelmed and what to do to move them from their limited thinking to whole-brain thinking again.

Contact us to find out about the next course!

Profiling sessions for individual sessions

A Profile session is a great starting point for anyone who would like to work individually in sessions to tackle life goals, academic goals, personal goals, relationship goals, sporting goals, physicals goals and more. It celebrates what is, allows us to discuss and prepare for you to move forward in places where change is needed. It further presents how you as a person might react when battling and needing support, as well as discussing the support you might need as well as the potential you have and how thriving might look for you.

Having found out what is, we are able to assist you in finding out what can become! These sessions allows us to work on the specific goals and challenges you might have.

Six to eight sessions are recommended for true chance, however this depends on our client. Some clients only need to iron out creases in one session while others have bigger goals and dreams they wish to accomplish.

Find out about booking a Profile Session

To book a Profile session, send us an email at info@mindfulmoves.co.za. We will begin the process by asking you to fill in some questionnaires and make an appointment online or in person. Either is perfect so long as you are able to be seen and heard online.

The initial session is quiet long, however is informal and fun. Thereafter you will receive written feedback of the session. Once you have had a chance to work through this thorough document, a free feedback session can be scheduled.

Over and above the valuable information received, clients will be offered strategies to support certain areas and ways to nurture other areas.

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