Why Goals are so important to start your 2024 off!

As much as we brace ourselves for the year ahead, no matter how old we are, a big part of us looks on in hope as we consider a time for the “new”. We speak about resolutions, yet so many people have grown disillusioned regarding these. Why do so many of our resolutions fall away? Why is it that no matter how determined we are, most of these are lost among our bad habits.

As much as we brace ourselves for the year ahead, no matter how old we are, a big part of us looks on in hope as we consider a time for the “new”. We speak about resolutions, yet so many people have grown disillusioned regarding these. Why do so many of our resolutions fall away? Why is it that no matter how determined we are, most of these are lost among our bad habits. For me, Einstein explains it best:

Is your old programmes tripping you up?

Professor Bruce Lipton, in his lecture on the “Biology of Belief” explains why it is that we get stuck in our loops. The truth is that throughout our lifetime, we have been developing habits or patterns within the brain. These subconscious programmes are neither good nor bad, but rather the way the brain has learnt to react to an event or an emotion with the sole purpose to survive. While we are otherwise busy, thinking with our cognitive mind, we are unavailable in the here and the now. This means instead of responding in meaningful ways, we become victims to the old programming that got us where presently find ourselves in life.

In order to change what we are experiencing in our life; we need to rewrite these programmes that do not support us. But how do we know when our mind and body are not supporting our goals and dreams?

Be real with yourself.

Gary Brecka, a human biologist and bio hacker, shared at the 10X Ladies Conference how he came across a research project called the Spane Scale of Emotions. In this study researchers accurately mapped the emotional frequencies 25 000 subjects were giving off. They discovered that authenticity was the most powerful frequency to leave the human body, around four thousand times more powerful than love. Authenticity is when our words are truthful and we believe what we are saying. This is where affirmations fall short. When we walk around saying these, our heart knows that what we are saying does not match how we feel or the current situation.

What does all this mean? Well, when we walk around wanting and wishing for something we don’t have, the feelings reinforce the experience of lack in that area. We then have to work at something, change a habit and keep it up for twenty-one days or so we are told. We need to exchange a bad habit for a good one. That sounds like a lot of hard work to me!

Balancing your thoughts, feelings and words!

A balance can help with all this! Treating each client as the unique person they are, these are centered around them. Many clients have not even been able to share what goals and dreams they do want. These seem to have been lost in a life that has become about keeping one’s head above water in a day and age where we are constantly be thrown back into survival as the basics like lights, and water are taken away from us on a daily basis. Add to this all the other stresses like work, high priced food, lack of employment opportunities, toxins we are constantly exposed to and more.

Swop your stress for a goal!

For many clients the first step of a balance is to rephrase the stress making it into a goal. When we do this, we give the mind direction. We are no longer running away from perceived danger like a headless chicken, but we can move towards something else, something better.

Let’s put our goal to the test and see if it truly reflects our authenticity. By vocalising our goal, we can identify any negative thoughts it may be reinforcing. Does it make us anxious? Does it make us feel inadequate or unworthy? Does stating our goal make our thoughts spiral and our chest tighten? If our body reacts negatively every time we think about our goal, how can we possibly motivate ourselves to achieve it?

Watch your words.

Noticing the way you move as we speak about all these things, we can understand so much, from why you might respond a certain way as well as where are you getting stuck. It might indicate that you need to change your thinking, your feelings towards something to do with the goal, something you are doing, or even the environment you find yourself in. This is not a new way of noticing our true thoughts and feelings and is the reason why handwriting analysis and body language can be used by experts to uncover one’s true feelings.

Move to achieve your goal!

Movement is a powerful tool to use when working with the mind.Giving the body movement while considering your goal activates the brain and helps rewire it, offering it different brain paths to use when approaching the goal. EMDR is a similar way that psychologists use eye movements or alternative tapping of the shoulders to treat PTSD.

Balances reconnect the mind and body!

Balances are a great way for you to learn more about yourself as you reconnect mind and body. They are also a great alternative to talk therapies and can be done without having to unpack your baggage and air your dirty laundry. They can also be done with younger children who may not be able to put into words the feelings they have.
Balances can be used to challenge faulty thoughts in any area of your life. They have been used,

  • In business to ensure that employees are equipped to go after targets without fear and inadequacy holding them back,
  • In families working with family members,
  • For individuals as they work on career, physical or emotional goals,
  • For learners to assist with schooling…and more.

Real life success!

In closing I would love to share the story of a family I worked with during this year. I was approached by a mother of three. Her middle son was battling to get on with his older brother and sister. There were many heated arguments that resulted in him becoming so overwhelmed that he would withdraw to his room and be inconsolable for up to three hours. The atmosphere in the house was tense and relationships strained. Through balances which involved understanding each of the siblings’ personalities and the way in which they each organize their brains when arguing, it was clear that while the young boy couldn’t ‘hear” his brother and sister during arguments, they cannot express their true feelings. Their personality types further allowed us to discuss strategies for parents to use with each when they were stressed. Here’s what the dad had to say,

Read our blog on Balances.

If you would like to find out more about a balance, I recommend you read our blog on balance found at Blogs – Mindful Moves: Passion Purpose Progress and titled, “A Balance Session could be the answer!

Give yourself the advantage in 2024 by ensuring that you can be authentic about what you want in your future. Book a balance to experience it for yourself.

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