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Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.

– Albert Einstein

Who is Mindful Moves?

Mindful Moves uses movement consciously to help people of all ages and capabilities, to improve their life!

We are passionate about assisting our clients in changing their state of mind, the emotional position and current places in life where they are frustrated or feeling stuck.

How does Mindful Moves assist people?

Mindful Moves uses designed moves purposefully to assist people from all walks of life, with any challenge or goal. The knowledge and awareness of these movements are used in our :

  • Profiling sessions
  • Movement Sessions & Programs
  • Individual Sessions
  • Reading Sessions
  • Study Sessions… and more.

Why we use movement?

Movement is available to all people no matter their limitations in life. Through movement our mind and body receives the message to inhibit primitive reflexes and establishes movement patterns allowing the body to strengthen. As movement becomes more automatic we move more smoothly with coordination.

Furthermore the brain develops as we move, experience and participate in life! Carla Hannaford Ph.D. explains in her book, Smart Moves – Why Learning Is Not All In Your Head “Neurons with the most connections, an average of 300 000, are located in the cerebellum, the primary movement center of the brain, again pointing to the importance of movement and experience to learning.”

When we move – We Learn…. Grow… and Progress!

Our subconscious “speaks” to us through movement?

While we are busy thinking, processing and problem solving (cognitive work), our subconscious is running the show. It’s keeping our heart beating, keeping us breathing, blinking, digesting that doughnut we shouldn’t have eaten and more. Movements that have become automatic, free up mental space for our daily mental gymnastics (Life in the 21 century). For these reasons we can notice how our body moves, while we are thinking about something stressful, versus thinking about something pleasant.

Just think about eating your favourite meal. Notice how your body moves forwards, your mouth begins to water without you having to command it to do so. Now, think about eating something you really dislike. Notice how your mouth tightens and you move backwards to avoid it. You might even cross your arms creating a barrier between the “danger” and yourself.

How do we use Movement?

Through this knowledge, Educational Kinesiologist have learnt to notice how the body moves when our clients are stressed or overwhelmed by the challenges a goal presents. This gives us information about the area within the brain that are not supporting the client in that space and what moves are going to be instrumental in shifting our clients from this limited brain organisation to whole-brain thinking once more, where they can experience peak performance.

Teacher teaching children

Is this Therapy or Counseling?

Unlike therapy and counseling, that need an individual to give voice to their sometimes very overwhelming and abstract feelings, we do not! This has proven very helpful when working with younger children who battle to express their inner feelings through limited vocabulary. Our approach is terrific for those who cannot bring themselves to say what they have experienced, or those who find that they just cannot speak when reliving something stressful.

Sessions can be done as an:

  • Individual Session
  • Couple Session
  • Family Session or
  • Group Session

During these sessions, we can deal with issues and challenges using our gentle approach, with the aim to find direction again and steer the person towards their life goals and dreams.

Can they help me if I don’t even know what is wrong?

Absolutely! With our approach, you might not even know where to start or what is going ‘wrong’ in your life.

So often our problem is that we’ve lived a life comparing ourselves with others and have failed miserably at being the one-of-a-kind that we are. When we are not being who we were made to be, we can feel, unfulfilled, dissatisfied and depressed. Especially when we have been living this way for so long.

For this reason, our Profiling Session is a great place to start and the feedback is useful in so many ways.

What is a Profiling Session?

During a Profiling Session, we find out who you are! This session looks at the following:

  • Your Personality
  • How you think when stressed
  • How you organise and process information
  • The parts of the brain you use most
  • Your potential limitations and blocks
  • How you receive and respond with regards to love
  • Your type of leadership qualities do you have
  • Your type of intelligence

This is as close as it gets to “The manual that you didn’t get when you were born”. The information we get from a Profiling Session is so valuable and has been used with many different people for different reasons.

Who can benefit from a Profiling session?

Everybody can benefit from a Profiling Session. It allows a person to better understand themselves and create the space to consider, “where to from here?” Profiling sessions have been used for the following:

  • Learners who are battling in the classroom
  • Subject Choices
  • Career and Study Choices
  • Couples who want to understand each other better
  • Parents and children who want to have better relationships
  • Staff members who want better work relationships
  • During adolescence-to assist youngsters in understanding themselves and their behaviours better
  • With teachers/ tutors / au pairs and learners to develop strategies and methods conducive to learning

Many of our clients have found this experience “life-changing”. This process defines “what is”. Having completed a session, feedback is given and an action plan discussed. For some clients Individual Sessions are advised or a Movement Program.

What is a Balance?

Individual Sessions are often referred to as a Balance. Our approach treats every person as an individual and for this reason, these sessions are unique to each client. During the session, we work with where you are at and with what might be tripping you up. Because we are individuals with our own perceptions, we simply cannot and do not adopt the approach of “one size fits all.”

For many clients it is important that they book a few of these sessions. This is because sometimes the issue requires more time than just one session. Other times it’s because we’ve created onions of our problems that need to be peeled back layer by layer for true success.

What is a Movement Session and Programs?

Movement Sessions are lead by a Movement Facilitator. During these daily or weekly sessions, the Movement Facilitator will use our designed moves to assist in many areas whether it’s using the moves for;

  • Better attitude
  • More participation
  • Better focus and concentration
  • Better behaviour
  • And academic skills such as reading, writing, speaking, mathematics, creativity, problem solving etc.

Who are Movement Facilitators?

Anyone can become a Movement Facilitator. Head over to our website to find out more about this

Movement Facilitator’s are people who have completed the Movement Facilitator Learning track and have a knowledge of the designed moves and what they do. In order to become one, you would need to complete three courses. These can be done online or in person. This option has been made available so that anyone interested in this work, whether you are a parent, teacher, tutor or au pair working with people, you can teach this work to others and use it to better the lives of those around them.

We have many other courses available for teachers and parents.

Where can I find out more about Courses and Workshops?

Head on over to our website to see which courses are available. As a member of OKASA (Occupational Kinesiology Association of South Africa) we also have our courses and training dates available on their website.

Mindful Moves has recently become a SACE Service Provider. Ask about our SACE accredited courses. This means that teachers can earn SACE points when completing some of our courses and workshops.

Mindful Moves finds the following courses highly beneficial to teachers

  • The 26 Movements- (First step to becoming a Movement Facilitator)
  • 2 Left Feet- (Learning to understand how to know how each child thinks when stressed)
  • Concentration
  • Grade R- An Overview (10 SACE points)

Our Business is helping people.

In closing it is important to know that as an Educator, Educational Kinesiologist and Movement Facilitator, my goal is to help you. We are not interested in limiting labels that treat everyone squeezed into that box the same. Telling clients their challenges and leaving them to continue and struggle on is not what we are about.

In actual fact, your limitations are rather our starting point and we have no time for preconceived “boxes” that either you or someone else has put you in.

We are PASSIONATE about working with you no matter where you are, so that your can know your PURPOSE and so that you can experience PROGRESS in your life!

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